Little Joys

Editing photos for the blog. Earlier this week…
I know almost nothing better that breakfast. It’s my favourite meal and I always try to make it as inspiring as I can.
Slow, Autumn mornings and afternoons with this beautiful creature. <3
Oh, the light of Autumn, how I love you.
On Tuesday I went to Akademibokhandlen in inner-city Stockholm with a friend to attend at get-together with the Swedish crime novelist, Emilie Schepp. Loved the napkins (the went along with free sandwiches, coffee and tea). Also, I’ve had the inclination to buy a sketching album which I also did on Tuesday. For what reason I’m not quite sure yet. Time will tell. 🙂
Time with my laptop (well, a story, really) and some sugary sweets. 🙂 I love Autumn. I love the blankets, the candlelights, warm colors and cold feet. (Because that means I get to wear the home-knitted socks my aunt made me.)
My new read: ”Braving The Wilderness” by Brene Brown. Nostalgia for my old field of work/study (=sociology). If you’ve ever felt you don’t belong, but feel a strong need to this is a good read!
YES! Celebrating my 40th signee to my newsletter

What did you celebrate (or perhaps need to celebrate now) the previous week?