Little Joys

Favourite things: flowers, time and a book.

Oh so much to be grateful for. All the little moments of beauty, of magic and joy that last week brought. Lying in bed, reading, while the sun travelled slowly across the sky. Seeing my family. Spending time with my little one and my beloved. And so much more.

How was your week?

Arthur, his celebration balloon (that we got him for his party on Sunday), a PawPatrol Police dog teddybear and an episode of ”Shaun the Sheep” = contentment.
Now Autumn is here. Leaves and ligth. Other favorites. <3
Flowers from my parents, aunt and uncle. <3<3<3
An afternoon-date with Ninos. Blueberry-vanilla swirl and hot chocolate at ”Vete-Katten”, a famous and very old bakery in Stockholm.
Picked elderberries for a soup – have an old recipe I’ll post later this week. Elderberries are wonderful this time of year and they are great for curing colds.


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