Little Joys

Sleeping in (a rarity nowadays) on a mini-cruise at the end of the week…

Dancing in my living room, all by myself. Writing in my journal. Meditating. Sitting. Being. Observing the leaves turn orange, red and yellow.
Moments of joy.
Again, this week has been filled with wonderful moments like these ones (and the ones below).
And it seems beneath all of this action and doing, I’ve found a current of stillness, calm, safety. (I have become it, perhaps).
Like a warm inner blanket.
This is what practicing presence (mindfulness) can do: lead you back home.
To the home you’d forgotten you had within you.
To vastness, stillness. Peace. A peace that live in your body, but does not reside there. It comes from somewhere else. Someplace much, much larger. Wiser. Older.

Anyways… 🙂 Here’s some of my favourite moments from this week:

Contemplating rearranging/updating my writing nook. With a decaf coffee.
Workwise, this week has been planning + working on the computer. Here with little treats.
Ship-ohoy! selfie. I surprised my husband (who’s been working too much lately) with a mini-cruise in the Swedish archipelago from Thursday to Friday. Arthur was at his grandma’s. 🙂
Thurdays evening on the archipelago. Mysterious and warm (it looks cold but it wasn’t).
Me and my baby. <3


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