In September…

Autumn colors (and flowers) on our balcony. <3

Today is officially the first day of Autumn (though I felt its presence a little over a week ago).
With its beautiful, warm light, luminous colours and the call to ”go within” (both in a real and metaphorical sense) it’s almost my favourite season. (Every season has its own charm).

For my part, this month will be filled with a lot of wonderful things and below are some of those I look especially forward to:

  • To hold my first ”public” mindfulness meditation at the little room I share with a colleague and fellow coach, Vandana. (Read more or sign up here).
  • To travel to Finland at the end of the month with my husband and son.
  • To make our balcony and apartment ”Fall-ready”. I’ve already begun with our balcony, decorating it with new flowers. Apartment-wise it means investing in (or perhaps borrowing from my mother-in-law) a couple of extra lamps for the apartments dark corners.
  • Taking long walks in the crisp Autumn air.
  • Collecting elderberries and making a vitamin-filled super-soup out of them.
  • Continuing my crocheting project.
  • Having a visit from Denmark (my parents, uncle and aunt) and celebrating Arthur’s baptism.
  • Setting aside a few afternoons for finishing my summer paintings.
  • Spending time in the longer evenings on finishing a stowed-away manuscript.
  • Starting a regular yoga-practice (yin yoga).🙏

What’s your plans for September?


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