Little Joys

Vegan pancakes, decaf coffee, melon and a green smoothie. <3 breakfast.

This previous week was just as full of wonderful moments, like pearls on a string, as any other week. Some highlights were:

This little bandit. 🙂
Received an email in my inbox with a ”webinar checklist” – no less than perfect! As I’m planning a series of online workshops (to start in August/September). If you’d like to know more, sign up for my newsletter here.
Thursday evening I met my friend, Sandra, in the city. We ate waffles, talked, hung out. I was gifted the loveliest tea (that she’d had made specifically for me 🙂 ) <3<3<3
Another work-shot. Prepared a newsletter for this week. And read my favourite blogs as a reward afterwards. 🙂  ( and
Gamla Stan <3
This little guy on a rainy Friday morning. We are waiting for my mother-in-law – as the three of us were going on a little adventure to Mall of Scandinavia.
A little quiet-time in the sunshine on our balcony Friday evening. At the store I fell over a crocheting book – I’m planning to create a couple of maternity gifts (that have to be done late Autumn). 😉 Have picked out which ones. Now all I need is the yarn. 🙂 

How’s your week been?


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