How to create a vision board.

Image from 2015. This post is a repost from a couple of years back.

First things first.

Why even do a vision board?

Well, you don’t have to… 🙂 but I do it because 1) I think it’s a cozy and fun way to spend an afternoon and 2) it’s a way for me to get to know myself better. Furthermore, 3) it’s a way to bypass the Inner Critic/ ”common sense” that is often a hindrance rather than a help in terms of living your dreams. Often the intellect thinks on a much smaller scale than the heart. (Plus, you attract what you focus upon).

When I make a vision board I always choose images that speak straight to my heart, meaning I don’t think too much about my choices, but let my choices show themselves intuitively. I feel the images, you could say.

I often get really surprised by what shows itself during my vision board sessions – by what images speak to me.

My approach is as follows. Feel free to copy and adjust as you see fit:

1. I usually start off by making a cup of tea or something similar and find something edible and delicious (lately my choice has been clementines). I choose a cozy nook where I make a ritual (see below) out of creating the space for my vision board session that usually lasts 1,5-2 hours.

Usually the ”ritual” includes lighting some candles, adding a plant or some flowers and perhaps putting on some relaxing music and getting out my magazines (or the computer if you’d rather use for example Pinterest), scissors and tape. Then I simply dig in. I go through the magazines and cut or tear out the images that somehow ”speak” to me. In this first round everything is compiled into one, big pile.

2. Off and on I restock on tea and fruit/other beverage and food, and then I start to look at the pile of images and words I’ve collected.
3. This is when the sorting process starts. Basically, I look at every image, asking: what does this mean to me? What area of my life does this relate to? I try to split my images into categories, but it’s not all of them I always know where to place. They get put in a really interesting category: ”Yet unknown”. 🙂

For me this is a good way of getting a clearer image of how you want, for example, you work life to look in the coming year, where you’d like to live etcetera. And then it’s just a cozy, quiet time to oneself, with oneself.



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