Little Joys

Peeks from my past week… Though, there are SO many more beautiful moments (but as always, living them is a first as to ”just” photographing them).

What was the high(s) of your previous week?

Meditating with a birch. <3
Editing novel in the sunshine.
Decaf macchiato, water and a newspaper… <3
This little guy… Sir Arthur. At the Italian restaurant where we went to celebrate my husband’s new line of study from the fall: economics. 🙂
Went to the library and picked up a book I’d ordered. Turns out, it’s a lead helping me define what sort of a novel I’m carving out on the paper at the moment. 🙂 (”Künstlerroman” is the answer).
Aaaand the rest of the troops on my non-existent (or imaginary, then) night-stand: the top three are research for my novel (the two far right is, I sense, for a coming novel). The lower one by Brené Brown is also research but for my coaching practice. 🙂 What’s on your night stand?
Created some time to continue my painting ”Äng” (”Meadow” in Swedish) this week. 🙂


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