Weekly Wishes

1. PassionPlanner Calendar. 2. A season pass for Skansen. 3. A game of Backgammon 4. A business investment: Kendra Thornburys ”New Wealth Consciousness Program”.

This week I thought I’d spice it up here on the blog and post a wishlist for this week; things I’d like simply for the sheer joy and fun of it. (Well, and in case of no. 4, also the personal development).

The calendar is actually a need as I’m starting to plan my endeavors for 2018. Then, the Skansen season pass is a wish for both myself as well as Arthur as I’d like to take him there a little more often – simply for the adventure and learning experience of it.

And I would love to spend some of the remaining Summer evenings chatting till the wee hours of the night with my husband/friends on our balcony.
Stars glimmering above.
The soft sound of rustling birch leaves in the background.
Maybe a cold drink of home-made lemonade and chocolate-covered raisins as a little extra. 😉

Which brings me to no. 4. The New Wealth Consciousness Program which is a coaching program that I’d like to invest in for my business (and myself) as I really feel drawn to this coach/mentor and her message.

So… what’s your wishes for this week?


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