An Enchanted Life

A beautiful morning.

Rainy days are enchanted.
They always bring this very special mood… An invitation almost. To “go within”.
Literally and metaphorically speaking.

Arthur busy with a puzzle-piece. 🙂

This morning getting up and awake was a slow move.
Arthur didn’t go to be until 11.30 last night, so we were both a little tired. (I assume Ninos was too, but he went to work at 6.30 this morning so I didn’t get a chance to check in with him).

While making breakfast I was simply enjoying, just taking my time. Waking slowly.
Arthur was playing with his toys on the floor. When breakfast was ready (toasted bread with honey, watermelon on the side and to drink, water with mint) we listened to a Hay House radio show while eating.

As the morning inched its way towards noon, rain started patting against the metal railing on the balcony.
We sat on the couch, watched a movie about an enchanted stallion and a fairy-like kingdom called Albion.
As I went to lay down Arthur for his nap, lying there in bed, my hair messy and in need of a wash, I thought: “what more can one want?”
Life is truly enchanted. There’s beauty and magic everywhere you look.
If you take the time to look close enough.

Joy in a cup.


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