Sunday Afternoon – IKEA-toy, strawberries and joy.

Assembling IKEA-toy – someone couldn’t wait (I wouldn’t have been able to either 😉 )

How I enjoyed our afternoon!

Hello! (Wow – looking at these pictures now I realize that I need to use my big camera more. And perhaps even plan for an update phone-camera-wise).

It was spent simply enjoying; making a new toy (from IKEA) for Arthur,
going to a little paddling pool not so far from here and taking an afternoon dip (Arthur), picking strawberries from our little plants on the balcony…
Making stewed rhubarb,
preparing food (veggies) for tomorrow…

One of those afternoons I dream of. And SO enjoy when they arrive.
And the very reason I’m an entrepreneur.
This is where the gold is buried.
The true 
Being able to live the way you’d like to. How you’ve always dreamed off.
Yes, there are still things I dream of – and that’s good! But this – NOW – is where life is. And I have to say that it is G-O-O-D. <3

Strawberries from our balcony.


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