Little Joys.

The previous week turned out to hold so many good things (and some quite difficult as well – but perhaps more on that later…)

Monday afternoon I went to the opening of an art exhibition, where my friend Sandra had some pieces she exhibited. 🙂 Sparkling at the art show…
A strawberry plant as a congratulations gift. 🙂
These two pieces of Sandra’s were sold. They remind my of the old stained-glass windows you’ll often find in churches.
These two- ”Different Kinds of Smileys” (if I remember the name correctly) I felt inclined to purchase – if I’d had a room for Arthur to hang them in. Someday. 🙂
Arthur on the firetruck on Sweden’s national day.  Assisted by his uncle. 🙂
New energy for my wardrobe and a (new) library card.
Friday eve get-together and jewelry making.
And the result: an angle bracelet and two sets of earrings.

How was your week?


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