An email with a silver lining & gift ideas for the photo interested mom.

I got an email this morning – a promotion from a photography store here in Sweden and in it there was a bunch of ideas for Mother’s Day gifts (here in Sweden it’t Mother’s Day on Sunday the 28th of May). So even though I’m not fond of spending money just for the sake of spending money (because let’s face it – isn’t that why Mother’s Day and days like that was invented? Which begs the thought to do a little research on that actually…) I did  find a silver lining in that email.
One of those little miracles of today.

In the email I found this lens (below).
I’ve never heard about this brand of lenses before, so I will do a little research before I do anything. But the interesting thing is that this lens (compared to the one I mentioned yesterday) is about 1/3 of the price!

See more here.

Also, I found another couple of things I’ve had on my wishlist for well over a year. This vintage camera cord and a light pink Instax Mini 8. The latter for everyday photography – sort of Patti Smithish. Perhaps I’d consider B/W film if that’s possible?

Love this.
Pink. 🙂 <3


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