Some Photographic Work + Dreams.

Felt like doing a little summary of what I’ve been doing in the photography department lately.

Which, as I sit and look back at it, isn’t so little. Actually. 🙂

I recently sent in my contribution to Höstsalongen 2017 at Fotografiska.
I’ve just ordered home some prints of a few of my favourite shots – my thought is that I’ll take them to the exhibition in Denmark this August. (Crossing my fingers for a spot – one I’ll share with a fellow artist, Rickard Ahl.) 🙂
On my wishlist this summer. How the money will arrive – yet unknown. 🙂 It’s simply for my everyday photography since I’ve realized that I want to use my Canon 6D more (as I want to improve my photographic skills and image quality.) And though I love my iPhone, I’d like to take this little passion to the next level. Therefore, the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4


I dream of this ”Forest” backpack from VINTA – and have been doing so for a long time. I’ve been needing a good one for a while to accompany me and my Canon (and Arthur and Ninos) on everyday journeys. (Image from

That’s it for today. <3



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