A pull toward ”something more”.

Lately, I’ve had this overwhelming pull to pursue that lifelong dream of mine of moving closer to nature.
It’s just that I have no idea how that’ll be financially possible. But one can dream. Right? And besides, would it be an adventure if we knew everything?

So yesterday I went to Carlsonring.se – which is a Swedish broker agency that specializes in the kind of house or farm that I (or we) are interested in.
And this darling is what I found (see picture above). A rather large farm at a rather large sum (of course, seen from my current financial point of view) but I really felt like this could be somewhere that I could call home.

On my Ideal Home Wishlist I have a couple of musts – things that I won’t compromise with:
* Must have a fireplace (or several).
* Must be close to the forest and to water (lake or ocean).
* Must have enough space to be able to have family and friends over visiting from Denmark (or Stockholm).
* Must be in a reasonable condition – that is, so we do not have to totally renovate it when buying it.
* An extra would be space for an atelier, small library and even a small cottage so that I  could have a Bed&Breakfast in the summer months.

This house fulfills all of my wishes! And then some. It even has an outdoor jacuzzi. (I’m dreaming of winter nights in that tub under the stars, Ninos<3 )


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