10 Dreams for April

Where attention goes, energy flows. 

Where you direct your focus (toward negative or positive thought) is what you nourish, and what you nourish grows into reality.

So why not choose the good thoughts, your dreams and desires? (Mindfulness is one way to create the mental space to be able to choose – I’ve created a free e-mail course with just this purpose. Sign up below.)

That’s the whole point of these monthly wishlists – to become aware of those true desires.

Here’s my wishlist for April:

  1. I feel a need to move my body more. So I’d like to do something good for it every day. Some movement of sorts. Walking , running, cycling…🚲
  2. With the spring and the new being born into season I also feel the need to clear out my clutter. This month: tidy-up our closet.
  3. In connection with no.2, I want to set some of the things we no longer use, up for sale online.🖥
  4. Send an e-mail to the Danish portrait photographer, Anne Kring, to inquire about an appointment.📷
  5. Have a dress tailored at OrkanLia to wear at my friend’s wedding on the 22nd.💍
  6.  Write an old friend and propose we do a wellness evening together in my hometown in Denmark – for prospective and current clients. 💅🏻
  7. Hold two coaching sessions a week for the coming 5 months.
  8. Treat myself to a spa-night all to myself . (Well, along with our bath tub, some candles, my homemade spa essentials, beetroot-ginger juice and chocolate Easter eggs.)
  9. Research a spring jacket – model? Brand?
  10. In the fortunate event that I receive some unexpected money this month (always best to keep a door open to the possibility)😄🐣 – I dream of this bag.


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