Spring preparations: home-made seed pots + an organic fertilizer tip.

A new addition to our family – Le Monstera. Or Herbert, as I’ve named it.

The other day Arthur and I dug out some seed packets from the cupboard (it’ll be interesting to see if anything comes out of them as I bought them last year). I thought it a good time to start – on a small scale – to sow some seeds.

Both in my son in teaching him to get close to his food, seeing where it comes from and that you need to care for the soil, the plant and the process (okay, so he’s only a one-year old, but better start early… 🙂 ) But also as I harbor a dream of becoming a self-sustaining farmer one day. Preferably on a farm close to water and forest.

A journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step, rigth?

First off, we needed to make somewhere for the seedlings to live. And I remembered an idea I’d seen somewhere (maybe in a magazine) a long time ago about making your own paper-pots.

So that’s the first step we took.
Now, I don’t know whether the color from the newspaperadds will have an effect (I speculate that it might) on the seedlings. But it’s a chance I’m willing to take this year – hoping I can do better next year.

Later in the week, we managed to get around to buying some soil for planting.
And I even found a tip for making your own organic fertilizer.

Organic nettle fertilizer:

Collect one kilo of nettle spouts in a large container (bucket or similar).
Let them steep in 10 liters of water.
Leave it for a couple of days, stir once in a while.

Remember to dilute this mixture 1:10 before giving it to your plants. Happy planting!

Home-made seed pots, made out of newspaper. You can find a guide here.
Mr. Happy Camper <3 And helper.


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