Rediscovering blogging.

During these previous days I’ve been thinking a lot about if and how this blog should continue.

And so far I’ve arrived at the fact that I think I have to do blogging my own way. (What exactly that means I have yet to discover).
Like with everything else, I have to find my own rhythm, my own authentic voice (or make it more clear) and all on my own terms and in my own pace.

I’ve also arrived at the conclusion that for this to be sustainable – for me to be able to keep spending time doing this I need to start thinking more about my little corner of the web as a business. At least, as part of my business. And when I say business, I actually mean I want to not only ”stay” in my own little corner. I’d like to connect. Build a community. Reach out and be reached.

But how does one do that?
Good question.
This shall be an interesting adventure.

PS: If you want to help, you can share a link to this post on your social media. Also, as I said, I’d love to ”just” hear from you – to connect. <3


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