10 Dreams for February

Oh February! You’ve been filled with so many blessings already! <3

Looking at my dreams for January  almost all came true (!).  What a blessed life.

This month I dream of:
1. Planning a trip to Cambridge to visit my sister.
2. Planning a trip to Gran Canaria – a wedding present from friends of my husband (and me). <3
3. Visit the aquarium in Hagaparken with Ninos & Arthur.
4. Celebrate Arthur’s 1st birthday! 🙂
5. Have my mom and dad visit from Denmark. <3
6. Visit the ABBA museum along with my parents and have lunch at Blå Porten – their Christmas present.
7. Invite Leena to Lijlevalchs Vårsalong 2017, followed by a trip to Vete-Katten to eat ”semlor”.
8. Being unapologetically myself in all situations. 🙂
9. Do yoga at least once a week.
10. Booking an appointment at OrkanLia to get measured and order that dress, for my friend’s wedding, I’ve been dreaming about.

What’s your dreams for this month?


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