On the little miracles of everyday life.

Usually, today I post my gratitude list, but recently I’ve forgotten my camera – and taking pictures – so I thought that I’d write a little about what I’m actually pointing at when wanting to capture the little everyday miracles that I put on my gratitude list. (Previous lists here and  here.)

Something that happened today is a perfect example.

I’ve been thinking about going to the hairdresser’s for a while to get my bangs cut. And as this week is my work week and I had to travel into town today anyway, I had the idea to call my hairdresser’s to see if they had time. I’d thought that I’d prefer around one o’clock as that gave me plenty of time on the other side of the appointment to get some work done.

Right. I dial the number for the hairdresser.
”Ecohair, this is Sara.”
”Hi Sara, this is Charlotte speaking. I was wondering if you have any available times today – I need to have my bangs cut.” Short pause. The sound of paper being moved.
”Yes,  I have around three o’clock…” Ah, what a shame… then I guess I have to arrage for it another day…
”…hold on, oh yes. Also I have a spot around one o’clock. If you could come perhaps ten or five to one…?” I do a little dance of joy and give thanks for whomever or whatever orchestrated that ”coincidence”.
”Wonderful! That’s perfect!”
”All right, see you later then”.
”Yes, see you later”. We both hang up.

That is what the magic – the little miracles – is all about! Coincidences, synchronicities, thoughts manifesting at the speed of light.. 😉 Little moments, little things, that reveal the greater magical tapestry that is life. One big connected, orderly beautiful mess.



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