Three Things – and a free self-care email course…

My newly launched free email self-care course – running through six days. I’m actually really fond of it myself. If you want to read more about it , you can do so by clicking on the link above. <3 

The previous week I, for some reason, didn’t remember to use my camera, so therefore the usual ten things have this week been downsized to three.

It isn’t due to a lack of little miracles abundantly flowing into my everyday life,  but here are the ones I’ve ”caught on camera”.

Loving the color pink and rose at the moment… <3


I just wanted to share my enthusiasm and fondness for  my  new coaching website… I’ve put a lot of work into it and I think it shows.  I’ve also realized  through that process that this place, my little corner of the web here on the blog, could use some heartfelt magic as well.  (By the way, my coaching website is  up and running as Heartbased Living –  YEA!!! 🙂 )


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