10 Dreams For January

Weekend Breakfast at our house. <3
I saw a post on Instagram the other day, posted by a fellow coach and entrepreneur, that said ”One year = 365 opportunities”.
And I really liked that thought. Besides, of course, that’s it a fact. That every day we are given little openings, opportunities, to take a different road. In whatever form they might take. That, as they say, are real-life blessings.
Now, all the things on my plate for December didn’t all happen – but the ones that were suppose to, did. So, this month I’ve taken a little bit of a different approach… I’ve tried to keep it really simple. And as this month has already brought so many blessings I have to pinch myself to know that I’m awake. <3
My 10 dreams for January are:
1. Go on a mindfulness retreat on Fyn, Denmark (at the end of this week).
2. Eat a ”fastelavnsbolle” from Lagkagehuset when I go to Copenhagen on Thursday.
3. Create and order a 2017-wall calendar with family photos from 2016.
4. See Patti Smiths photo exhibition, ”Eighteen Stations”,  at Kulturhuset here in Stockholm (Mondays from 16.00-19.00 it’s free).
5. Invite my husband to go see the new Star Wars, sit in VIP seats and have dinner at Drama restaurant. <3
6. Plan Arthurs 1st birthday!
7. Buy new canvases for an upcoming project.
8. Keep working on a book-project.
9. Treat myself to a pink Fujifilm Instax Mini 8.
10. Call an old friend from university.
What do you dream of this month?


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