Falling Into Place 

In the morning hour when the light is blue and the day hasn’t yet dawned I was napping next to Arthur. There was such a deep sense of calm in my body – one that I truly enjoyed… It seemed to emanate from within the cells, from a place beyond the material realm.
Slowly, I was swept away to sleep; into the strangest dream. The contents are now vague, but I remember the feeling of it. It was a dream and at the same time it wasn’t. And I also remember the message. An image and a sentence.

Wood. Being bent into shape. Not by an outer force, but an inner. Then a message, more through a knowing than through words. ”Your focus shapes the material of this world. Careful where you direct it.” 

As I awoke, looking at the baby boy next to me, I couldn’t help but smile. After all, there are so many reasons to. 

And it felt like a puzzle piece within my soul, one that I’d kept hidden away or lost somewhere, now fell into place. 


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