A poem and the weekly wisdom video (week 2).

This week’s ”Weekly Wisdom Video” is a little different. I thought I’d figured out the format – but apparently, not quite yet. So I’m opening it up to experimentation. After all, it’s suppose to be fun.

During the weekend a poem came to me, slipping in between reading Patti Smith’s ”M Train” and drinking a coffee. And just now, as I sat down to write a post here, an idea found me. Looking through the images on my camera, I found a little video that somehow spoke to me, spoke of the mood of this day and I thought it would make a good little video. (Forgive me, if I’ve posted it before).

Inspired by the poem below, I hope you enjoy the video.


All around,
a blinding white.
Trees engulfed in Winter’s Song
A solemness,
sacred silence
calls out
waits to be explored


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