A Cold Night


Tonight I had to take Saari out for her evening walk.

We went out into the cold evening and walked across fields covered in a thin layer of snow. Stars were glimmering above and in the warm houses light, that seemed to come from the same source, shone brightly with a red-golden glow.

As we walked up the little hill that leads to the apartment complexes in our neighbourhood, a cold wind started blowing. It moved through the barren trees, played with a single frosted leaf that tumbled across the snowy ground. Brushing past me,  it brought a thought about hearts. Hearts  needing warmth. ”Stay close,” it whispered ” to the fire of hearts”.

For each time we forget  – or choose to ignore its whispers –  we take a step away from our North Star. We become a little colder. We tumble a little more, like a leaf in the wind.

Good evening and goodnight. A post-card from a couch.




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