The Raven Talisman – sponsored post.

Can you spot the bird? 🙂

There’s movement in the treetop.

I direct my attention towards it.
I stay still, hold my breath. Wait.
A little bird is moving around on one of the top branches.
On the outerpart of a top-branch.

I observe the bird for a while until it takes flight and my gaze follows in the direction of its passing.
Somewhere, between the known and the unknown, the seen and the unseen, I come across a voice. My attention shifts from the bird to that little inner voice, that whispers:
The spirits of the woods.
I nod. Indeed. That is what they are. Spirits as well as physical manifestations. Just like mankind.
I come to think of the blog-post I have to write today – as part of a collaboration I wished for with a jewelry design company, Ravnsgård Smykker . The owner  I know from university, a guy by the name of Mathias.
I’ve always suspected he’s actually a sorcerer, making modern day magical amulets. 😉

At the beginning of Autumn the Raven started to show up here and there and everywhere in my life.
I got the sense that I ”had to do something with the raven”.
Now,  in my personal mythology, ravens are a symbol of magic.

And so, at my request, Mathias and his team created a talisman – a talisman that I’m going to use in my work as a writer.

I love the combination of leather, the gilded details (especially of the raven’s face) and wool. Picture is from where it sits at my desk.

Now, I can actually wear it (I didn’t get any good pictures just yet of how it looks in full size), but it makes more sense to me to keep it coiled up, sitting at my desk, looking over my work.
It’s lying next to another little raven (carved in wood, found in a boutique in Gamla Stan, Stockholm), my vintage Rolleiflex-camera and Rilke’s ”Letter’s to a Young Poet”. Oh, and of course my spiky little plant, Spike.

Since it’s almost Christmas and if you haven’t figured out what to buy for yourself this year (or a special someone) – I invite you to take a look at what Mathias and his team has to offer.  Especially, if you’re looking for some beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry with roots in nordic mythology, made in Denmark.

On my wishlist, I have this ring (or protective amulet?)

Sólring. This beautiful ring is on my wishlist – maybe for next year? 🙂 Image from



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