Ten Things – the gratitude list.

I thought it was time for another gratitude list. Now, the gratitude list has had other names here (Joyful Moments for example). But just for fun, I thought I’d call it ten things today. Ten beautiful moments out of so, so many.

Thank you, Universe, life and beating heart for granting them to me. <3

What’s on your gratitude list for last week?

This week, we’ve been doing a lot of this… zzzz…<3
Camera, headphones, dreams and a laptop. What more does one need?
Just a little tip: if you need something word-y for a Christmas present I wanted to mention my little poetry book.  Seeking new hearts and homes. Only $5 on Amazon! (E-book edition). Wrote a post about the poems here and here.
Preparing Christmas confectionary… Hearts and Trees. <3
Writing Christmas cards… (Photo found on Instagram, @lettheinspirationflow)
Created a new Instagram profile (@thestorynook) to document my book’s journey (and to see that I actually move along in my project).


This view…<3
Christmas cozy-ness in the sofa…
Our prince (or king, if you ask him). 😉
A sign.



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