A Calm Friday Morning


It’s Friday and the weekend is right around the corner. You know, I usually don’t care whether it’s the weekend or not – simply because I really feel aligned and thankful for the things that I do.  For my work.
Having finally taken the leap and started my own thing (more on that later – SOOOO much to share) the weekend is just an extra bonus.
Time for me to get out on that looong afternoon walk, extra time for meditation, cooking a good, healthy meal, lighting candles and spending time with my loved ones. And no sitting at the computer or on the phone. My weekends I try to keep technology-free.

This morning – as baby Arthur has spent the night at his grandma’s – has, however, been one of those rare beings where I have time to read the newspaper, nurse a cup of tea (and later, a cup of coffee). Time to do a spontaneous blog-post. Time to just enjoy  doing nothing.

How’s your 2nd of December been?

May you all have a joyful, nurturing weekend. <3 See you on the other side.




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