On designing your dream (work)life.


Have you ever felt like there must be some other way to live your life other than ”working 9 to 5” (just heard Dolly Partons voice in my head 😉 ) ?
Yeah, me too!

What if you could work the hours you’d like, in a job you love (or maybe the word job is incorrect here. Perhaps ”calling” is more accurate.) How does that sound?
To me, it sounds fantastic!
So – I have embarked on an adventure to discover if this can actually be done. Perhaps you want to follow along?

This is what it has looked like the previous week:

Beginning a new adventure... And travelled to London (to see my sister who studies in Cambridge).
Beginning a new adventure… And travelled to London (to see my sister who studies in Cambridge).
”These boots were made for walkin’…”
Happy camper in hotel room.
”Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman!” (Sorry, couldn’t contain myself…) This was my view, waking up in London.
I absolutely love my hat and cape. It makes me feel magical – like I’m a character in a Harry Potter movie. (By the way, which character would I be? 😉 )
Did you notice the little light speck on the left? Currently writing a story that incorporates beings of light like these. 😉
The morning after having visited my sister and her boyfriend in Cambridge, this was where I was led. Giant, wonderful bookstore. And in I went to get lost for a few hours.
Books in their Christmas finest…<3
Jane Eyre. I love this story and try to reread it every Christmas. This was one of the first ”real” novels I read, sitting in my grandparents little basement. All alone – yet in a world full of words, scenes, imagery.
Treated myself to a cuppa and a sticky bun… Highly recommend it. Sooooo gooooood… <3
Later, having tired of all the busyness of the city, I retired to my hotelroom, with a quiche (see top picture), a coffee and a stack of books.

So where does the work come in you might ask? Well, in between.
In between all of these wonderful moments. (And this is the essence of mindfulness – to be efficient and present in everything you do).

More specifically, I wrote a post for a site I’m member of, announcing free online mindfulness coaching sessions. (Aimed at helping people do exactly what I’m doing now – managing time, getting into their bodies and following their dreams). And I got four – YES – FOUR – sign-ups! I  worked on the before-mentioned novel, turned in an assignement that was due in connection with the coaching education I’m taking, took photos for this post. And well, just had a good time doing all of it.


Labyrinth of the soul. A journey of self-discovery. Have you started yours? 🙂


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