On receptivity

Today my attention was drawn to the theme of receptivity.

2015-01-22 10.38.57
To become like water – or the mist – dancing, flowing has been one of today’s (Thursday) lessons.

What does this word mean? To me, it means being open to life’s signs. To open one’s eyes to all the help that is offered, the kind words, the helpful hand, the smile from a stranger on the street. The ideas and reminders that come to us.
I can have a difficult time with allowing myself to receive; whether it is physical or non-physical ”items”. At the moment, this theme is what I am receiving tutoring in. = )

And, as I have noticed, there is a very fine line between thinking you are receptive and actually being it. The latter requires us to open up in so many ways, to flow with life, to let go completely of our worries and struggles – which can be very difficult in a society that focuses upon conflict, war and division. Exactly that is  the reason why it is truly important.


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