The Existential Café

Tea, time and reflections.
Tea, time and reflections.

Actually, I had thought about doing a completely different post today than what it turned out to be. Originally, it was supposed to be a mug cozy DIY – actually the one pictured above, but this will be for another time.

Instead, I feel inspired to share what I’m doing tonight at a cozy café here in Stockholm. Perhaps you’ll feel inspired to do something similar or perhaps we could do an online blog-version of it…?

I am going to The Existential Café.

My fiancé and I have, inspired by a fellow Stockholmian whom in the nineties started something along the same lines, set up at meet-up (through in before mentioned café to discuss what it means to live an authentic life. So from 18.30 till around 20.00 tonight that is what I will be doing along with other philosophically inspired minds.

If you feel like participating, but see yourself limited by space, don’t hesitate to join in on the conversation in the comments. What do you think living authentically means? Or what does it mean to you?


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