Planning your dreams

Dream-planning selfie
Dream-planning selfie

I thought it was time to follow up on my at present dead idea of a guest-blog. =)  I guess that’s what happens when an idea comes from you head more than from you heart. It lacks the joy, the creative energy, to push it into realization. So perhaps another time.

Instead I thought of making this Thursdays post about dream-planning. That is, sitting down with a pen and a piece of paper to write down the ideas that during – say, the previous week – has kept coming back. In essence, writing down your dreams and then putting them into action (as much as possible).

I’ve made a little step-by-step guide that I myself used last week. You can find it below:

1) I start by printing a 3-6 month calender (like the one below – it gives a good overview) and ask myself the question of what I wish to do, be, have within this time-period. (Remember, you have to feel that this is what you really want. Otherwise, as I said above the creative energy will lack).




2) Next, I take a piece of paper and start to  write everything that comes into my mind unto it, until there’re no more ideas coming. I call this my ”dream-mindmap.”

Dream mindmap
Dream mindmap – camera friendly-example.
Dream mindmap - original
Dream mindmap – original

3) Then I take my dream mindmap and start to do ”dream breakdown structures” (do you notice that I have a course coming up next year on project planning?) for every dream I’ve put on there, as well as adding a timeline and putting the specific actions to take into dates.

Dream breakdown structure and timeline
Dream breakdown structure and timeline – this one for a photo exhibition. Timeline at the left-hand side and milestones at the right.

4) Finally, I plot all deadlines and major milestones into the calendar. And I’d like to make the note here, that nothing of the above is suppose to be stressful. It’s suppose to be joyful. NO stress.

Joyful dreaming!


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