Mercy is as mercy does…

No Man's Land, 1st of March 2014, Henne Strand @08.46
No Man’s Land, 1st of March 2014, Henne Strand @08.46

These past few days, from sometime on Sunday till now (and still ongoing), there has been the theme of forgiveness reoccurring in my life.

Often, I have thought that mercy – that is the act of forgiving – was something that had to be bestowed upon me from without. And something I in turn bestowed upon other people. Yesterday, I learned that this is not the case. Mercy comes from someplace within. It is not until we discover that it is in forgiving ourselves that we are granted mercy. Or, accept mercy.

And in turn, by forgiving ourselves, we implicitly forgive everyone else. For in reality we are one. Reflections of one another.

The other day I watched ”Noah” and among other things, fell for the song Patti Smith has written for the movie. I recommend both (and it seems to me that not much has really changed).


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