Wishing upon a new moon – a ”practical” in alchemy.


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”When you really want something, the whole Universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Every month a new moon appears and it’s a good time to ”sow new thoughts”. Dreams for the coming month. This because the unconscious mind at this time is ”new” and open (the moon symbolizes the unconscious side of us) and – as with fertile soil – this is a good basis for sowing new dreams in. Keep in mind that these dreams can be anything you’d really like. Meaning, you have to feel that this is what you want. Intellectually wanting something is not a solid base.
To give examples, a dream (which is basically a thought) could be those shoes or that watch you’ve wished for for a long time. It could also be a dream about better relationships (keep in mind, however, that this will revolve around changes in you – not in ”the other”.) Or anything that you’ve been thinking about doing, having, being.

Today I’ve made a ten-wish list in my journal, but usually I don’t need to write it down. Yet, for starters writing your wishes down is a good idea. At the end of the cycle you can then look back at your list. Try asking yourself this: did your dreams come true in the way you thought? What did you learn?


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