Society,”boundaries” and ”Into The Wild”.

When we feel unhappiness creep up, when we see life taking on the grey haze of routine and suspect nothing, but endless slaving days coming in on the horizon that is when we need to wake up.

That is the moment we need to take action. Yet, sadly, most people fail to cross the threshold of this door. Instead we succomb to our fears and choose security over adventure, comformity over limitlessness and it seems, at first, ”the right way” to take.

In reality, there is nothing more damaging to our souls, our spirits. Because then we have forgotten that the very thing that makes us feel alive, that is life, is the feeling of adventure.

”The true joy of life” , as Christopher McCandless wrote in a letter to his friend Ron Franz, ”comes from our encounters with new experinces and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon.”

With adventure comes risk; and that is reality.

As Bruce Springsteen sings: ”You can’t shut off the risk  and the pain, without losing the love that remains”.


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